Not quite business as usual!

Although we are not filming on location we are still very busy. This is what we’re up to…

We’re creating a new animation; updating an older video with a new voice-over and a few tweaks; we’re advising a client about shooting some of their own material and screen recordings using a phone app – which we will then edit, and we’re writing blogs and updating our website.

Even in these difficult times companies still need to keep in contact with their customers, but not necessarily selling or promoting their goods and services. We can create great video content for you, that is mindful of the current situation, by:

  • editing and ‘polishing’ footage you’ve filmed yourselves on a webcam, smartphone, or DSLR. Add music, a voiceover, captions, and graphics. And we can give you tips about shooting your own footage;
  • repurposing footage you already have in your media library;
  • creating content from stock material, adding voiceovers, music graphics, and captions;
  • producing bespoke video explainers and animation;
  • helping you develop your video content strategy and content ideas.

For a FREE no-obligation remote consultation about creating and using video content for your business please get in touch via