Back to filming!

We have adapted our filming procedures in response to Covid-19. Here are the steps we are taking to help ensure the safety of our crew, the talent, and our clients while on location.

  • Recces will be done using video conferences where possible.
  • We will usually work with a small team of one or two people.
  • Crews will travel separately in their own vehicles.
  • The crew will sign a Health Declaration and have temperatures takes before the shoot.
  • Everyone on set will be reminded of hygiene measures.
  • Personal hand sanitiser will be available for crew and talent.
  • Equipment will be santisied before and after every shoot.
  • Crew to only handle kit they are responsible for.
  • Digital call sheets and shot lists will be used, or individual named print copies if needed.
  • Social distancing measures are to be observed, and PPE used if not possible.
  • Boom mic will be used for sound, or talent instructed on how to fir their own lapel mics.
  • Long lenses to be used where possible to maintain distancing.

If you have any questions about our procedures, please just ask.