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Customer Testimonial Videos

If you’re doing a great job, providing great products or services, why not turn your happy customers into your most effective sales team with customer testimonial videos?

People value the thoughts and opinions of other customers. Customer testimonial videos are a great way for your potential customers to learn more about your products / services, from the people who have actually used them. Video testimonials allows viewers to see and hear the genuine enthusiasm and emotion of the customer as they talk about your product or service, in a way a written review simply cannot.

But the key is that testimonials have to be genuine, with the customers speaking in their own words, not simply reciting a script that’s been prepared for them by the marketing department. Beside our skills with the camera, an important part of what we do is to help people relax so they come across naturally, rather than the ‘deer in the headlights’. See our blog with tips for looking good on camera.

Once you have your customer testimonial you need to make sure people see it. You can add to your website, include in your e-mail marketing, and promote through social media channels including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. No doubt the customers who appear in the videos will also want to share their moment in the spotlight with their contacts too.

Contact us about making a professional customer testimonial video that will turn your customers into your best sales people – call us on 01789 416990, e-mail us, or request a quote.


Clive Chandler on… Fendt Tractors

One of a series of video testimonials with farmers talking about Fendt tractors help their businesses.

Austin Healy Spares on… us!

Thankfully they liked what we made for them. (Okay, hands up, we probably wouldn’t have embedded it here if they didn’t!)