Customer Testimonials

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Turn your customers into your best sales team!

Imagine you had a team of passionate sales people who consistently generated business for you – and it didn’t cost you a penny!  You already have this team in place – your own customers! With a well-made customer testimonial film, you can turn their glowing feedback into the best sales tool you have ever had!

Share the love

Asking a client to appear in your video testimonial tells them how important they are to you, that their opinion matters and you value their custom so much that you want to make a film about working with them!  If you trade business to business then your customers can also gain some free publicity from the exercise, and they will very likely want to share the finished videos with their own networks – meaning even more free exposure for your business.

Makes it believable

Creating visual testimonials with a natural and unscripted feel will instantly make potential customers warm to you. Viewers will not believe the film if they feel that the customer is regurgitating a script full of marketing buzz words, rather than speaking freely and with a genuine enthusiasm for your product.

Shout about it!

People value the thoughts and opinions of other customers. So if you’re doing a great job, with happy customers, why not ask them to shout about it… on film? Call us on 01789 416990 to talk about turning your customers into your best sales team!

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