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‘Talking Head’ Videos

A well made company overview video is a great way of introducing your company, and making that all important first impression. For viewers who then want to find out more about your business, a series of  ‘talking head’ videos are the perfect answer.

We recommend that you create a series of shorter videos, about a range of topics, rather than one long video that covers everything. This way viewers can choose the video that addresses the particular area they are interested in. This would also build a library of video answers to FAQs; these could be answers to questions your sales team are often asked by prospects, or queries the customer support team regularly respond to.

Normally we would visit your business and set up in a conference room for a day / half-a day. We would use either a plain pop-up background, or set up our green screen, using our lights, camera and microphones. Each interviewee might have 15 to 30 minutes in front of camera to get used to the environment, answer several questions, and do a number of retakes. In this way we can film 20+ talking head videos in day. Or if you wanted to shoot each interview in a different location rather than with the screens, we can do that too, but we would not be able to do so many in a day.

Aside from the technical skills of lighting and filming the interviews, our team know how to get the best out of interviewees. We help interviewees to relax so they come across well on screen. If you’re still not sure about being interviewed then take a look at our blog with “Tips For Looking Great In Your Corporate Video”.


Dr Nigel Hacking

In addition to producing a video to document an advanced medical workshop featuring their simulators, Mentice also asked us to shoot a number of short interviews with key people involved in delivering the course.

Robert Walters – Mental Health

Global recruitment company Robert Walters asked us to film a number of short interviews with keynote speakers at an event they organised about mental health in the workplace. The content was broken down into a series of short videos, each with one of the speakers answering a specific question.