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Product Promo Videos

A Product Promo Video will engage your customers, build trust and reward you with increased interest and sales.

Just like a short TV advert or infomercial, a product demonstration video can tell your customers everything they need to know more quickly and more effectively than text or images.

Product promo videos often emphasize a product’s unique features, which makes sense. But, if you want your product video to make more of an impact then it should be about more than just the product. It should be about the specific problem faced by potential customers, the solution your product offers, and the customer experience

You can add product promo videos to your website, and if you are selling B2C you can market your products on e-commerce sites such as Amazon.  These videos can also be tailored to use at different stages in your sales funnel, depending on where the buyers are in the sales journey.


ABB Anti-microbial Conduit

A video we created to outline the features and benefits of ABB’s conduit designed for use in the food and beverage sector. This video was also produced in Mandarin, French, Spanish and Italian. Click here for information about creating language versions.

Fendt Linkage

One of a series of short videos showing different features of Fendt tractors.