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Schools & Colleges Videos

A well produced video can offer an engaging and informative introduction to any school or college.

When it comes to video content, many schools are still slightly cautious of using video marketing as part of their school marketing mix. Perhaps this is due to a preconception that video production is costly, could slow down the performance of school website or is risky when sharing sensitive content online.

But, with video growing rapidly in popularity and reliability, and showing no signs of slowing down, it’s time to overcome preconceptions and add it to your school marketing mix!


Trent College – Year 7

We were asked by Trent College to make a video about making the big move into into Year 7. In the video we just hear from the pupils, talking about the experience in their own words.

The Elms Nursery & Junior School

Having already produced several school prospectus videos for Trent College, we were asked to create a video for their nursery and junior school, The Elms.