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Schools & Colleges Videos

A well-produced video can offer an engaging and informative introduction to any school, college or university.

We do not have any hard and fast rules about how school prospectus videos should look. There are many different ways to make school prospectus videos. So we will ask you lots of questions to help us understand what makes your establishment different, and then show it’s special culture and ethos. Videos about academic standards and results might feature interviews with the Head Teacher, where as videos about boarding or settling into a new school might be better told from a pupil’s perspective.

Some time ago schools created a vhs video with one lengthy film that covered everything about the school. Parents had to sit through the whole thing to see the sections that really interested them, they might not be interested in drama and want to get straight to the section on sport. Today, schools often opt for short video to introduce the school which might be found on the home page of the website, and lots of short videos about specific subjects, or aspects of school life. Videos can also answer FAQs, help with staff recruitment, and keep in contact with alumni.

We are used to working with primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and having to approach each in a slightly different manner.


Trent College – Year 7

We were asked by Trent College to make a video about making the big move into into Year 7. In the video we just hear from the pupils, talking about the experience in their own words.

The Elms Nursery & Junior School

Having already produced several school prospectus videos for Trent College, we were asked to create a video for their nursery and junior school, The Elms.