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Company Overview Videos

Company overview videos are a great way to introduce who your company is, and to showcase what you do.

An overview video can take many forms, it could: highlight the range of products or services that you offer; offer an intimate view of your company culture, sharing your aims and values; provide a brief history of the business; or it could possibly encompass all these elements. An overview video could have a scripted voiceover, or the narrative could be made from interviews with key personnel.

Overview videos are great for website homepages helping visitors quickly understand what you do, and if you can help them, before they invest more time on your site. If that is not enough, having an overview video on your website can help with your SEO too. Your website is not the only home for your overview video – they can also be adapted for use on screens at trade shows and in your company reception, added to directory listings, and promoted across social media.

The look, style and professionalism of the video can make a real statement about your business, as you only get one chance to make a good first impression! To find out about making an overview video for your company call us on 01789 416990 or e-mail


Austin Healy Spares

Owners of classic cars are passionate about their vehicles, and when maininting them they want to buy only the very best parts. So AH Spares decided to make an overview video, that introduced their business and showed the craftmanship and expertise that goes into making their qaulity Austin-Healey parts. Interviews with AH Spares directors provided the narrative for the video, which was combined with shots of various parts being manufactured.


Leading IT support and solutions provider LeapIT realised the importance of having video content on their website, so they commissioned us to produce an overview video about their company. We filmed interviews with the company prinicples, and recorded testimonials from some of their customers.