How we work

We like to start every project with a conversation – to talk about what you would like your animation to achieve, visual style & audio, timescales, and to discuss where and how your animation is to be shown.

The following is a road map setting out how we usually work.


We like to take the time to understand what you would like to achieve; if you’re not quite sure we can offer advice on the best approach.


Once we know what’s what we can start writing a script; this can be created by you or by us, or can be collaborative.


Next, we’ll get cracking on the storyboard; this will show you, visually, what will be seen on screen.


Once the storyboard is complete, and everyone is happy, we record the voiceover (if required) and start the animation. We’ll create a few seconds for you to approve then, if okay, we’ll create the rest – keeping you informed with regular ‘work in progress’ clips so you are happy every step of the way.

Music & SFX

Finally, the sound effects and music (if required) are added to give your animation an extra bit of bounce!


Once complete, we will deliver in a resolution and format of your choice.

Latest work