How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Typing ‘how to’ into a YouTube search will throw up millions of videos. It’s not all ‘How to apply your makeup like a Kardashian’ or ‘How to survive a Zombie apocalypse’, there’s lots of really useful things too!

Think back to the last time you got stuck on something – what did you do at that ‘How do I?’ moment? Did you look for the manual? Did you phone a friend? Or did you search for the answer online? If you looked online you would not be alone, as this Google research shows:

  • 91% of Smartphone users turn to their devices for ideas while completing a task. If you can catch a customer at that crucial ‘How do I?’ moment with a helpful video, just think how you could influence their buying decision.
  • 81% of mums surveyed who view videos on YouTube watch ‘how-to’ content. In fact, mums are significantly more likely to watch ‘how-to’ content than the average viewer.
  • Nearly one in three millennials say they have purchased a product as a result of watching a ‘how-to’ video.

Develop Trust

The moment a user types ‘How to’ into their search engine could be the beginning of their journey to becoming your customer, and that journey can result in much more than one sale.

Once you have helped a person in their hour of need they will view you as a trusted resource… one they will be more likely to buy from.

Think about how you can help people. For example, if you demonstrate how to make different flavours of ice cream, focus on the ingredient and the instructions, not pushing the features of the ice cream maker you are trying to sell. Sometimes you need to be more subtle. Potential customers are often looking for help not an advertisement or sales pitch.

Add Value

A Google case study focused on Home Depot, an American DIY chain. Home Depot realised some time ago that ‘do-it-yourselfers’ were turning to their phones to learn everything from ‘how to tile a bathroom floor’ to ‘how to build an outdoor fire pit’. Many consumers ended up searching for answers on YouTube.

So to be more useful in these I-want-to-do moments, Home Depot began to build a better content marketing strategy by creating an extensive ‘how to’ library on YouTube. Today, the collection has hundreds of videos, with the top 10 videos each reaching a million views or more. The full Home Depot ‘how-to’ collection has received more than 43 million views.

‘How to’ films can be great for customer service, and they are becoming the instruction manuals of the 21st century. Some manufacturers don’t even bother including a set of instructions with their product anymore, they make a ‘How to’ video instead and direct you to their website to view it.

We created a series of ‘How to’ tutorials for a company who wanted to show users how to install their range of fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Sharing a helpful video like this is a clever marketing tactic – it answers a question (‘How to install a fire alarm’), it offers helpful information and it showcases the product in a useful way.

Show Expertise

‘How to’ videos are not just limited to demonstrating physical products. For example, a fitness coach can make a ‘How to get back in shape after Christmas’ film; an accountant could make a film explaining ‘How to complete your tax return’; and a business coach could give tips about ‘How to deliver a great sales presentation’.

You might say that this is giving information away for free. Yes it is – but by doing so you are establishing your credibility, you are showing your expertise, and it’s a chance to introduce some of the people behind your business. For example, someone might watch your film about doing a tax return, realise it is actually quite complicated… Then, having watched your film trying to help them, they might well call you to do it for them.

‘How To’ For Business

These ‘How To’ films are not just for helping your customers or winning potential customers. They can be a useful training tool for staff, suppliers, agents and partners you work with. We recently produced a video tutorial series that shows car dealerships ‘how to’ make their show rooms comply with the manufacturers comprehensive brand guidelines. (We can not show you this film though, as it is for internal use only.)

If you would like our help making a ‘How To’ video please contact us at Definition Media on 01789 416990.