Atheon Analytics Case Study

Initially, Atheon approached us to produce a single video showcasing their SKUtrak flow-of-goods tracker software. However, after a brief discussion, it was decided that we were to develop a comprehensive video strategy for them – resulting in twenty videos of varying lengths to be used across their various media channels.


The flagship video was filmed over three days in Manchester, Somerset, and Cranfield. The narrative was created primarily by using interviews with their clients, including Thatchers, Co-op, and Ferrero.


Knowing that when filming interviews there’s often lots of great material that doesn’t make the final cut, we suggested filming with several videos in mind. The main testimonial video could then be supplemented with more in-depth case studies. After a days filming with Martin Thatcher (Managing Director) and Chris Milton (Sales Director), we produced enough content for both the testimonials and the more detailed Thatchers’ case study.


We also shot a number of short interviews, with key personnel from Atheon addressing key points, and answering FAQs.  With concise answers, the durations were kept to between 30 and 90 seconds – perfect for using on social media. These videos have created a lot of engagement, particularly on LinkedIn, and have attracted more potential customers to the SKUtrak website where they can watch the longer videos.


In addition to the videos that we’ve created for them, Atheon also recorded a series of ‘how-to’ videos on their own – with help and advice from us.


The annual SKUtrak conference was identified as a great opportunity to generate video content to further promote their software. All the presentations were filmed in their entirety, and a promotional video was produced with highlights from the talks, networking footage, and vox-pops from the attendees. In addition, we created four short interview videos with the Atheon CEO, one of the keynote speakers, and several SKUtrak customers.


Practicing what we preach, we recorded Ian Hall, the Chief Operating Officer at Atheon talking about how he found working with us. Ian mentions how the short social media videos work really well on LinkedIn to drive people to the main video. We asked Ian to talk more about the filming process, rather than the strategy, because we wanted to address people’s potential nervousness about being filmed, and use the video to help put them at ease.