What you can expect working with us

We could throw out the words you would expect, like creativity, innovation, effectiveness, blah blah blah… But we’re not just another corporate video production company, we like to do things differently. So this is what we bring to the table.


All good relationships depend on honesty. We will tell you if we do not think video is the right medium for you, or if we are not the right team for the job. We will even recommend other companies if they might be a more suitable fit. If in our experience we think your idea is terrible, then we will tell you, gently, and then help find a solution to meet your goals.


We try to make the production process an enjoyable, rather than a stressful, experience. We realise we might be working with people who have never had to commission a video or be in front of a camera before, so we go out of our way to help you through the project and make you feel at ease. We are often told: “it was actually fun to be part of”, “you made it enjoyable”, “it was much easier than I thought it was going to be”, and “it wasn’t so daunting!”.


Sometimes we are given some unusual briefs that really test our resourcefulness. We are quite used to sourcing actors and presenters, finding locations, sourcing props and costumes, however curious they are! One of our projects involved finding an actor to play a sixty year old skateboarding businessman, scavenging an airline check-in desk, and a generic (unbranded) air hostess uniform. It was beyond the budget to video in an airport so we filmed at a large green screen studio and used CGI to model and animate the airport background.



To be effective it’s important for us to understand your business, as well as your requirements and expectations. So, we will ask you lots of questions. Why do you want a video? How does video fit in with your marketing strategy? What’s the key message? How will you measure its success? How involved do you want to be in the process? In order to give you the best possible video to meet your goals, we do not shy away from asking challenging questions.


With all the talk of passion and fun, we must stress we know that a corporate video has to deliver results. You are making a video for a purpose, and you want a return on your investment. Perhaps it is a video to encourage viewers to buy a product online, request more information, or make an appointment. Maybe the video is to increase brand awareness, or outline the different services your company offers. The fact that so much of our work is repeat business shows that our clients find our videos effective and deliver results.


Our clients will happily confirm that we can be trusted to deliver videos on time and on budget. Whether it is creating a video to play at a product launch, or content for internal communications, we understand that deadlines are deadlines, and we go out of our way in order to meet them – every time. No stress.


We have made a conscious decision not to focus in just one sector, as there is a danger that the process could become very formulaic, and everything might start to look pretty similar. No generic templates here! We believe working in a variety of sectors and industries keeps us, and the videos we make, fresh. It allows cross-pollination of ideas, styles and techniques which ensures your video will stand out in the market.


We have been making corporate videos for more than a decade, across many different sectors, ranging from pharmaceuticals and medical to heavy engineering and manufacturing. However, our experience in terms of telling stories and making programmes goes back a lot further than that. The key members of the Definition Media team have a vast experience working in the television industry making documentary series. We carry those high production values through into our corporate work. The principle is the same for a 2 minute corporate video as it is for a 1 hour documentary – it’s about story telling and we like to think we’re pretty good at it.

If our approach (and the quality of our videos, of course) appeal then please get in touch. We would love the opportunity to talk to you about your ideas for using video in your business.


Don’t just take our word for it though. We asked some of our customers about how they found working with us. Take a look at this testimonial video, and check out the case studies.

We try to practice what we preach!