Top tips for factory films

You want to commission videos that show your staff and processes in action. Great! But before you go Spielberg, take a look at these tips to ensure your efforts don’t end up on the cutting room floor.

1. Planning.

Spend time making a list of the key machines, processes, and staff to be filmed – and obtain any permits needed for the film team to access certain areas. Preparation also ensures the team fits in with your existing production schedules.

2. Unwanted Extras

Have a good clean-up of the filming environment. Editing elements out of moving images costs time and money to change.

3. Confidentiality.

Are there parts of your process that are confidential and should not be seen close-up or at all? The video team will have a range of solutions.

4. Interview Location.

Consider where staff interviews will take place. Scout for alternatives if the factory floor is too noisy or the décor needs updating.

5. Script.

If you opt for a voice over ensure you have a polished message that maintains your corporate identity. We can work closely with you to help craft an engaging script that delivers your message.

6. Wardrobe.

Remind staff being filmed to wear branded company workwear or appropriate office dress. Certain colours and patterns can catch the camera in an unfortunate way – get clarification before you get dressed.

7. Filming Consents.

Advise the film team if there are staff who do not want to be filmed. And remind everyone on site you’ll have a camera crew there.

8. Aerial Filming.

Drone footage can offer an unusual and dramatic perspective. But make sure you allow plenty of time for this and expect areas to be temporarily cordoned off while filming takes place. Operators should be properly licensed and insured – like us.

9. Safety First.

If necessary arrange a chaperone, and remind your teams that they must always adhere to health and safety standards. Earplugs and safety glasses can’t be added in the edit.

10. Think Ahead.

Manufacturing supply chains aren’t necessarily social media savvy. Think about how you’ll be sharing films before you start the cameras rolling.

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