How To Gain Management Buy-In For Video Marketing

If you’re a marketing professional, you can see the real advantages of video content. But how do you get executive buy-in for a video project?

Here are some tips on turning video sceptics into true believers. Simply read our guide, prepare for the questions they will inevitably ask, secure a meeting, and get ready to win the thumbs-up.

“Why do we need it?”

Depending on your sector, it could be that your competitors are already using video and you don’t want to fall behind. Or perhaps you want to gain an advantage by becoming front-runners? A useful stat to bolster this point is how by 2022, video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic. In your meeting, consider the problem you are trying to solve and be prepared to demonstrate the buyer need for this. Conduct your own customer and/or employee research ahead of time, so you’ve got evidence to back up your claims.

“How is video better than what we’re already doing?”

There are lots of statistics about the power of video. This is your chance to sell it as the revenue-injector that it is. If you are presenting to B2B, you might explain how over 75% of Fortune 500 executives watch online videos and 65% of senior executives have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video. For B2C you could share the report that 79% of people say a brand’s video convinced them to make a purchase. Video increases dwell time on websites, which in turn helps with SEO. And add a little bit about why video works – it engages more senses, it’s more memorable and it conveys more emotion.

“How would we use it?”

This will depend on the type of video you are making. So, have some ready examples of the type of videos you want to make. Is it a general company overview like the one we made for analytics platform SKUtrak? To launch a new product or service? Customer testimonials for an upcoming trade show? A thought leadership series? Promoting a training course like medical simulation company Mentice? Propose where the video could be used (e.g., website, trade shows, in emails, etc.) and who by (HR, sales, marketing, tech team, etc.). Why not suggest producing one or two videos to start with as a trial and explain how one video’s footage can be repurposed into shorter social clips?

(Take a look at our video portfolio for content ideas)

“How much will it cost us and how long will it take?”

Video doesn’t have to break the bank but be realistic with your forecast. Don’t show high-cost examples and give the lowest quote for a video you can find; in other words, don’t promise a Ferrari for the cost of Fiesta. At Definition Media we are used to making the most of the budget available, and we can advise on the likely time requirements for each member of your team. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss the cost and time implications of your ideas.

“How will it improve my business – what’s the ROI?”

Show you can measure success and demonstrate return on investment. Think about the specific goals you want to achieve through video. Is it solely about converting potential leads into customers? Or is it about increasing engagement through likes, shares, or comments? Or do you just want to increase time spent on your website? Thankfully there are many excellent video hosting platforms that provide different analytics (check out our blog on the best ones). You can track social shares, click-through rate, conversion rate, and you can capture emails within video or compare revenue generation before and after. If you want to wrap up your meeting with a stat, 96% of B2B organisations now use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results in ROI.

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