Manufacturing Videos

You can trust us to create videos that will effectively promote your manufacturing business, as we have produced video content for numerous manufacturers, ranging from SMEs to PLCs here in the West Midlands, across the UK, and Europe.

You can embed an overview video on the home page of your company website, but there are so many other things you can do with the video: display on screens at trade shows; use it to enhance directory listings; play on a screen in your reception area; use in sales meetings and presentations; load onto branded memory keys; share the whole film or a short clip on LinkedIn.

In addition to overview videos, there are many other types of videos that manufacturers can benefit from, such as product demo videos; FAQ videos; training videos; case studies, and testimonial videos.

A study by Forbes into how executives use video found…

59% prefer to watch a video on a work topic than read about it.

54%  share work-related videos with colleagues.

75%  watch business videos every week.

Examples & Testimonial

Berry Global

An overview video of their production facility in Colmar, France, combining a scripted voice over with footage of the factory.

ABB Cable Management

One of a series of videos, this overview uses interviews with key personnel to provide the narrative, combined with footage of the plant at work.


We worked with Andy when he was a Product Marketing Specialist at ABB, so we asked him to share his experiences of working with us.