Talking Head Videos

A ‘talking head’ video is a simple format where a person speaks directly to the camera without elaborate graphics or animations. It is effective at developing trust and showcasing the human face of a business for several reasons.

Firstly, it establishes authenticity by creating a transparent connection with the audience. Secondly, it builds personal connections by allowing viewers to relate to the person on-screen. Thirdly, it positions the speaker as an authority in their field, as their expertise is directly conveyed through their words.

Moreover, non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and body language enhance trust by signaling sincerity and confidence. By featuring real people as the face of the business, talking head videos humanise the brand, and build credibility, making them a powerful tool for effective communication.

Talking head videos are great for…

1 Developing trust by introducing the people in a business.

2  Establishing the speaker’s position as a subject matter expert (thought-leadership).

3 Answering FAQs, and reducing customer support enquieries.

4 Elevating your speculative pitches connecting directly with key decision makers.


Strategic Allies

A simple introduction video with the business founder talking direct to the camera, with a few captions added to re-enforce key points.


A short introduction to the uses key uses of a company’s software solution.

Talent Performance

One of a series of videos with business coach Lisa Reynolds talking about strength based development.