Video Testimonials

Imagine you had a team of passionate salespeople who consistently brought in new business – and it didn’t cost you a penny! This team is ready and waiting – your own customers!

Who better to speak authoritatively about a product or service, than someone who uses it? Unlike traditional salespeople, your customers won’t use marketing buzz words; they’ll skip the feature list to get straight to the benefits. And not only do they have authentic knowledge of what you do, but they know what it’s like to work with you, making their experience far more valuable than that of a paid salesperson.

Remember, potential customers value the thoughts and opinions of other customers. So if you’re doing a great job, why not turn your customers into your greatest sales force?


  1. Testimonial videos provide social proof
  2. They are authentic, and help develop trust
    3. Videos can be repurposed into various formats
    4. They are engaging and often shared


Examples of Video Testimonial

Fendt Tractors

One of a series of testimonials from farmers talking about their favourite Fendt tractors, and how they use them in their businesses.


An in-depth testimonial from the team at Thatchers about the software they use to monitor stock levels at their retailers. You don’t want to run out of cider!

Our Customers

We have to practice what we preach, so here is a compilation of clips for our customers talking about us.