White Label Animation For Agencies

Your clients want animation, but you don’t have the in-house capabilities… what do you do?

Add animation to the portfolio of services you offer your clients by outsourcing the production to Definition Media. If you use our ‘white label’ animation service there’s no need to send your client elsewhere.

Whether it’s explainer videos, product visualisations, or motion graphics for an awards presentation we can help.

You maintain the relationship and liaise between us. We can work with you to develop ideas before producing the animation, or we can work with the script, storyboard, and designs that you have already created.

Just use us when you need us, so you don’t have the commitment and overheads of hiring, equipping, and running your own in-house animation team.

Examples Of Our Animation

We can’t show you a lot of the work we’ve completed for other agencies, so here’s our showreel with clips, and a couple of animations we’ve created directly for companies…