How much does a corporate video cost?

In this fast-paced digital world of short attention spans and sharable content, a good corporate video or business video can make a big difference to your brand.

You probably already know the reasons why you need a corporate video: to improve online exposure, to reach more customers, and to develop meaningful communications with your clients.
Now you want to know how much a corporate video might cost. It’s a tricky question. There are many factors involved and each of them will affect the final cost. So let’s try to answer the question that brought you here:

How much does a corporate video cost?

“What does a car cost?” Tough question, isn’t it? Do you want a nippy little city motor for two, a people carrier for getting the kids from A to B (and X, Y, and Z), or a chic sports car that turns heads and purrs like a panther? Is it diesel or unleaded? Metallic paint? Those heated seats that make winter mornings that bit more bearable?

Comparing the cost of cars and corporate videos might seem odd, but there are just as many factors at play when working out the cost of a business video. These include:

  • The development of a concept, storyboard, or script (do you have these already? Do you need help to develop an idea? Or do you not know where to even start?)
  • The number of locations to be filmed (will extensive travel be necessary?)
  • The logistics of a shoot – permission might be required to film in public places, for example
  • The cost of hiring props
  • The cost of hiring actors and extras (or the video might include interviews with your staff)
  • The cost of a voiceover artist
  • How long the shoot is and how many crew members are needed
  • If the concept demands specialist equipment, such as cranes and drones
  • The addition of music, CGI, or graphics in post-production

There are many more factors involved, though you don’t need to worry about the complexities – that’s what we’re here for.

With all of these factors influencing the final cost of a corporate video a business video produced by Definition Media can cost anywhere between £500 for a simple “talking head” video and £15,000 for a much more elaborate production.

Is it worth investing in a corporate video?

A corporate video is a seconds-long journey into everything that your brand does – a watchable, sharable, relatable glimpse at the things that make you great.

Here are a few other reasons why investing in business videos can help your brand:

  • Displays services or products in best possible light and enhances understanding of them
  • Rich and engaging content, such as videos, can improve search rankings
  • Reach more customers – a well-produced video can be shared in seconds, potentially reaching millions within minutes
  • You can use videos at different points of the customer journey to help bring them on board
  • Films are flexible: use them on a website, in online directories, on LinkedIn, in sales meetings, as snippets on social media

Can a corporate video be made on a tight budget?

A good production company will share its knowledge and experience to bring the final cost of a corporate video down if you are working to a tight budget. It’s entirely possible to cut the costs of a production to make a good corporate film without sacrificing on quality or experience.

Here at Definition Media, we encourage concepts that don’t rapidly date, so that the video can be used over time on a variety of platforms. This will save you money in the long term.

We would also recommend drafting in staff, family, and friends as extras if extras are required.

Other methods to bring costs down include limiting the need for expensive props, streamlining the use of equipment, and creating or fine-tuning a concept to reduce the number of scenes.

Even the simplest videos can make a significant impact if you have the right production company behind the scenes. We can chat about your requirements and find ways to make the best production possible within your budget.

Can a business create its own corporate video?

The toilet on the third floor is leaking again. Do you call a plumber or send up Gary from accounts who once helped his cousin install a dishwasher? Yeah, you call a plumber.

We’re no good at fixing pipes, but we are highly skilled when it comes to video production. Your home page or marketing campaign deserves the right treatment, with a professional video that will increase brand awareness.

That said, there are times when a bit of amateur footage will do the trick – take a look at our blog about DIY video Vs using a video production company.

Give us a call on 01789 416990 to discuss your project, or e-mail us with details, so we can provide a personalised quote.