There’s no doubt about it: video content is king. Improved search rankings and higher conversion rates for your website, plus reaching more customers via a range of media platforms, are direct results of excellent video content.

Much of the web’s video content is unplanned, unscripted and “of the moment”, and a lot of it also likely to disappear down social-media timelines before you can blink.

There are times when a DIY video will work perfectly well for your brand, but there are also times when it could potentially damage your image.

So let’s look at the pros and cons of making a DIY corporate video versus using a production company.

Pros and cons of making your own corporate video

Whether you’re a small, growing business or a large brand with a multi-million-pound marketing budget, here are the pros and cons of producing video content in-house:

Pros of making your own video

  • Speed – you can film and upload within minutes or go live on social media
  • Cost – It can be cheaper to produce in-house content if you already have the equipment (at the very least a decent smartphone and an editing app)
  • Pride – You’ll get an immense amount of satisfaction, having spent hours putting a video together, when you see it played back
  • Fun – Let’s be honest, making videos is fun!

Cons of making your own video

  • Time – Making a reasonable DIY corporate video can be time consuming, time that might be better spent doing what you do best. Will your business suffer if you are busy trying to make videos?
  • Quality – Your in-house film might not turn out as well as you’d hoped
  • Difficulty – Creating corporate videos is not easy; do you have the time to master filming and editing skills?

Pros and cons of using a production company

Here are the pros and cons of hiring a professional video production company to create your corporate video:

Pros of using a video production company

  • Quality – Sound, lighting, picture quality and the overall feel of the video will all be of the highest standards
  • Brand image – A professional production better reflects the values and qualities of a brand
  • Time – It’s less time consuming for you to bring in the professionals, whose experience and skills ensure the job is completed faster and on time
  • Impartiality – While you might love your brand, the unbiased viewpoint of an outsourced producer will better consider the consumer perspective, which means your brand message will be marketed more effectively

Cons of using a production company

  • Cost – The cost of a corporate video is likely to be more than an in-house video. See our guide to how much a corporate video might cost
  • Delay – A professional video can’t be produced on a whim and the best producers have busy schedules; your video won’t happen within the hour
  • Vision – It might take longer to explain your vision to a professional than it would to just do it yourself, but the producer should be able to see your vision and improve upon it.

When a DIY video might be the right option

There are many occasions when a DIY video is appropriate for the audience, however big your brand.

Regular vlogs, webcasts and quick business snapshots (perhaps a new machine is being delivered or you’re arriving at an industry event) can be produced by anyone with basic recording equipment. Perhaps you’re thinking of filming snippets of visitor feedback at a trade show or testimonials from customers on your smartphone (find out how to turn your customers into your best sales people). While these DIY videos are valuable assets to your brand, they don’t require advanced technical skills, editing abilities or optimum picture quality.

Whether you’re live video streaming on Facebook or Instagram, or producing a short video for your company blog, a DIY video is a brilliant opportunity to showcase your brand.

When a professional corporate video is the best option

There are times when a professional corporate video is by far the best option.

A professionally made video is a business asset. It might be the first thing a visitor to your website will see, a video that thousands will watch on a big screen at a trade show, or perhaps the key to unlocking your next successful sales presentation.

Rightly or wrongly, the quality of a video can reflect on a brand. You wouldn’t hand out battered, creased brochures to prospective clients, so treat your video content with the same care, attention and professionalism.

Professional corporate videos s can improve search rankings and boost customer conversion rates; they can be used across media platforms flexibly and won’t date rapidly. A professional video is a corporate asset.

Tips for shooting your own video

If you decide to take the DIY route on your next video project, our forthcoming blog post will be crammed with tips about shooting videos with a smartphone.

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