How To Create Powerful Marketing Videos During Lockdown

Lockdown 3 may be destroying your social life but it doesn’t have to put the brakes on your sales and marketing efforts. And with home working pushing more people online for longer, it’s a great time to go out and grab attention.

That’s where video comes in. It’s the perfect way to share company news, product launches, or specific Covid-19 processes – and it’s safe and cost-effective.

Here’s our pandemic-proof guide to creating great video content.

Covid-19 safe shoots

First off, in the right circumstances, we can still film. We’ve adapted our shooting procedures to ensure the safety of crew and clients with an enhanced hygiene regime, travel protocols, and PPE: see our Back To Filming safety measures for more. However, we understand some people may feel uncomfortable filming in person, so we’ve come up with some alternatives…

Embrace animation

Animation is an ideal format for ‘now’ as it can be produced entirely remotely. With a recent survey finding 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Animation is an exciting way to showcase your business, deliver training or tell your brand story (#1). Animation works particularly well to explain complex ideas and liven up heavy-going data. Your video could be 100% animation or made up of a combination of sources – for example, stock footage and/or self-recorded interviews.

Repurpose existing footage

If you already have a few videos in the bank, why not repurpose footage and create new content? Perhaps there’s a film that didn’t make an original edit or existing content you could present in a different way? For example, we took footage from the company overview and other videos we previously produced for manufacturing giant ABB and added captions to create a brand new welcome video for their YouTube channel, which you can see below, and other short-form videos.

Bring in stock clips

Our access to stock footage libraries means we can create compelling videos without having to leave the office. We can pair library content with new scripted narration, captions, or combine it with self-recorded interviews. The choice of content is endless – think cityscapes, people wearing face masks, industrial environments, people in offices… We can work with you on a brief to make your video as current and creative as you like.

Record interviews remotely

If you need people talking to camera, we can help you set this up remotely and advise on lighting, sound, backgrounds, and how best to record the content – for example, not via Zoom! We can also tidy up your material in the edit and combine it with other elements such as stock footage, your own media archive, captions, and graphics. Take a look at the video we made for Swedish medical tech company Mentice. It includes self-shot interviews with doctors, captions, animation, and footage filmed in Sweden. We organised the crew and provided technical and creative direction and edited without leaving the UK.

We’re also proud of this remotely-shot video for US geosynthetics organisation IGS Foundation. We helped the contributors record their content from home, and edited this together with assets provided by the IGSF and stock footage.

So, there you have it; if you’d like to increase sales and brand awareness or share an important message, video is the answer. And of course, if you are not quite ready to start creating content now, why not use lockdown as an opportunity to strategise and think about how you can use video in your marketing output?

Talk to us now about how we can help develop your video marketing strategy. Contact Martin on 01789 416990 or