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Manufacturing Videos

In today’s global marketplace there’s no better way to connect with your potential client base than with a video.

A professionally made video can make more of an impression on potential customers than words and text alone. Video can quickly give them a much better understanding of the range of products and services you offer, your capabilities, and the scale of the operation they’re engaging with.

It’s great to have the company video embedded on the home page of your website, but there are so many other things you can do with the video: display on screens at tradeshows; use to enhance directory listings; play on a screen in your reception area; use in sales meetings and presentations; load onto branded memory keys; upload to your Facebook page; share the whole film or a short clip on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Manufacturers can also benefit from product demo videos; FAQ videos; case studies and testimonial videos.

See our blog with top “Tips For Filming In Manufacturing Environments”.

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ABB Cable Management Products

An overview of ABB’s plant in Coleshill. The narrative is created from interviews with key personnel and combined with footage of the plant, including aerial shots of the interior and exterior.

AS Aerospace

We produced this corporate film for AS Aerospace to promote their fascinating business customising and maintaining helicopters.