13 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is So Versatile

Marketing videos are increasing sales, driving traffic to sites and growing customer engagement rates at record speeds. But what is it about video that drives us wild?

1. It’s easy to consume.

The human brain is designed to respond to visuals and can process visual information more quickly than text alone. Visually communicated marketing tools, such as animated graphics and videos, can increase audience buy-in for your products, ideas, and services.

2. It meets specific needs.

Video can be created for different purposes, whether it be for sales & marketing, recruitment, staff training, internal comms (see the Leyland SDM video below), customer services, or showing off a company’s CSR projects or green credentials. The only limit is your imagination.

3. It fits anywhere in the sales funnel.

General brand awareness, adverts, product promos, demos, instructions, testimonials, post-sales customer support, and engagement can all be supported by video.

4. It’s emotional.

The unique combination of thought-provoking images, body language, tone-of-voice, emotive music, and visual storytelling can create a strong emotional response in a short space of time. Don’t believe us? Watch this Amazon advert and tell us you didn’t feel anything! (We cannot take any credit for the advert)

5. It’s easier on the attention span.

According to marketing expert Emily Ross, “Videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read,” which she puts down to age-old human instinct. “Paying attention to motion is a skill that humans have always used to survive,” says Ross. “It’s part of our DNA.” (#1)

6. It works in a multitude of media.

Videos work well in a variety of settings: on your company website, in online directory listings, across social media, on screens at trade shows, on laptops/tablets during sales presentations, on video conference calls, or on screens in receptions or waiting rooms.

7. It’s more likely to be shared.

In the social media-led generation we now live in, it takes no time at all for someone to like, comment, and share a video. According to Wyzowl, 83% of consumers would consider sharing a corporate video they liked with their friends (#2). People trust recommendations – more so if they are from someone they know – and so a quick share by an existing customer or acquaintance can drive potential buyers straight to your door. Find out more about how to turn your customers into your best salespeople here.

8. It can be repurposed – bringing you a huge ROI

Once your initial project is completed, you can build a media library of footage that can be re-edited to create new content. Why not re-use footage from a general company overview in a recruitment video with a new scripted voiceover? Or use snippets that didn’t make the corporate video cut on social media, where shorter edits get more engagement?

9. It can be used in different formats.

From just one video project, your film editor can provide you with images, PDF graphics, and audio that can easily be transcribed into written blogs or used for direct mail, social media, email marketing, trade show displays, and many other content forms. We advise bringing a professional photographer to the shoot if you want high-quality stills.

10. Video is more accessible than other media.

Video can be watched with captions only and no audio, yet still pack a punch. In fact, 85% of video is viewed in silence, with many watching while riding public transport, in the office, or at home watching television. (#3) Video can also be localised with alternate language voiceovers and subtitles, making it extremely inclusive and naturally increasing your audience reach.

11. It’s sensual.

A University of Iowa study showed that we are better at remembering what we see and touch than what we hear. This is especially worth remembering when we consider how far and wide video can be shared on social media. As Diane Cole writes in National Geographic: “Current technology that combines multisensory and multimedia components—such as iPads, tablets, and e-textbooks—requires students to touch and move their fingers over the screen to access videos, voiceovers, and additional text, which can enable multisensory processing.” (#4)

12. It’s great for Google rankings.

Google now assesses text, images, and video content when deciding where to place you in its search engine. The videos that do better are high quality, include written transcripts with relevant keywords, and have optimised thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags.

13. It drives a deeper connection to your brand.

Video can show off more of your business at one time. Viewers can see your culture, your facilities, your products, and your team in a couple of minutes or less. A visual experience can drive trust in your brand — and the revenue that this trust brings.

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